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Ninja 130 mm, 4 ohm

IDS system coaxial speaker family. A loudspeaker with an aesthetic appearance, which is different from the traditional speakers. By placing the magnetic circuit inside the coil, it has been possible to produce loudspeakers with a lower installation depth than usual. Due to the extremely stable steel band, they have a very good acoustics sound. Another feature of the product line is the use of separate outlet terminals (IDS), which allows you to use either external or factory-made audio crossovers. The other components of the design incorporate the features of the other car speakers such as high-performance coil, a ferrofluid-cooled tweeter or temperature independent butyl-rubber membrane suspension. We also need to mention the polypropylene membrane combined with silk fibers, which, in addition to its special design, also supports flawless sound reproduction.

Size: 5" / 130 mm
Impedance: 4 ohm
Power: 100 W
Frequency: 65 Hz - 20 kHz
Magnet size: 5,4 oz
Installation size Ø: 114 mm
Depth: 43 mm