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Tablet&Phone Holder

Cling polymer surface provides a securing force to hold the product. As if more hundred suction cups held the device.

1. Flip it!
Just flip to get the compact design.
2. Stick it!
Place your device firmly on to the holder.
3. Stand it!
Enjoy hands-free possibilities everywhere.

Tablet holder: Ø 127 mm
Phone holder: Ø 60 mm

If the surface becomes dirty, simply wash with water and dry it to refresh the sticky material. Allows horizontal or vertical positioning of tablets and phones.

You need to follow all local and state laws when using the holder. Do not use your phone when driving your vehicle to avoid accidents. Always concentrate on your driving methods and drive carefully. Any form of cell phone usage while driving is dangerous and in any kind of accidents, it can decrease the reactivity of the driver.