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Cleaning brush set for drills

Cleaning brush set for cordless screwdriver or drill (with hexagonal grip). Ideal for cleaning car rims, tires, upholstery, rubber parts. Brushes of different sizes and shapes make it easy to clean even hard-to-reach areas. Brushes can even handle stubborn dirt, yet gentle on the surface. We recommend using the power tool at low speed. Brushes are also well-suited for household use and are excellent at removing dirt and limescale from most surfaces such as tiles, joints, carpets, upholstery.

  • Different sizes
  • Different shapes
  • It also cleans tight spaces
  • Quick-change heads


Size: Ø5 cm x 8 cm
Ø10 cm x 13 cm
Ø13,5 cm x 8 cm
Material: Plastic
Number of brushes: 3 pcs / set
Grip: hexagonal(general screwdriver, drills)
Color: Red, blue, yellow