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Microfiber wash sponge

Do you love your car, engine, ship, plane? One of the most gentle care accesories is the microfiber sponge. With its coarse, patterned surface, you can effectively remove stubborn dirt while the other side of the sponge has a long, soft, microfiber surface that has good absorbency. Gently loosens and removes dirt. Use plenty of water with a car wash. It can also be ideal for households and car cosmetics.

    • Has good absorbency
    • Fibers increase foam formation
    • Gently removes dirt
    • Fits in hand well
    • The hand band can be fixed to the hand
    • Clean with warm water
    • Reusable


Material: Polyester
Size: 230 x 110 x 55 mm
Length of threads: 25 mm
Color: Green
Weight (while dry): 114 g